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How do we get people’s attention around Halloween so we can sell them Angry Monster Tacos?

We use a bunch of ridiculously loud screams, obviously. 

Like in this radio spot we hear Jack screaming because a giant Angry Monster Taco is trying to kill him. 

They're here!
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And in this video, we hear Jack screaming for a different reason. 

This video has screaming too, only this time it’s someone else screaming. 

These gifs don’t feature any screaming.

However, they do feature scary things that would make most people scream if they saw them in real life. 

The rest of these videos didn’t air around Halloween so, unfortunately, they don’t contain any screaming,

but you should totally watch them anyway!


Remember, you can always imagine people screaming if you want to. 

Hungry for more?  I like your style! Here are a few more Jack in the Box ads to satisfy your appetite.

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